"Preservation Through Music Education"


"Today, I want to thank OPCMusic for the great role it plays in the lives of young artists. Ms. Angela Wellman, you are a phenomenal visionary. The nourishment you provided Ayinde Webb to develop his talent has helped to produced a very fine young man and musician. As he was being honored at the Monterey Jazz Festival yesterday, memories of what got him there flooded my mind. OPCMusic was prominent! Thank you and all those in our OPCMusic Family for you love and support!!!!"

Georgia Webb, parent

"My daughter couldn't attend her full session in the summer due to family issues, but Angela, the staff and the children were truly phenomenal, authentic community/extended family energy, effective holistic learning, permaculture, body movement, music, gardening at Lake Merritt, multicultural and intergenerational. I will absolutely support to my maximum ability whenever I can. "

Ashea Fuller, parent

"I wanted to thank you for the meaningful inspiration that you have sparked in learning about different musical genres and how to play various percussion instruments. Both Jair and Xochitl  really enjoyed your summer music program!We need more quality, creative & culturally diverse music programs in the city of Oakland. . . Jason and I send you and your wonderful staff lots of blessings."

Cynthia Reimann, parent

A letter to Sandra Noriega, OPC Symphony Director
Dear Sandra,
Tremendous kudos to you for an outstanding evening of excellent music, really fine performances, invigorating selections of pieces, stunning vocalists, a wonderfully well-researched and informative program, and exuberant close-out jazz finale by the younger OPC talent.  We had a very good crowd, and they were treated to a really fine concert.  The strength of your personality, musicianship, and overwhelming commitment to what OPC has and can contribute to the community, literally made this concert happen - you pulled, pushed, cajoled, supported, and ultimately wove together a beautiful, professional-sounding performance from disparate pieces, moments, and musicians.  Quite an accomplishment!!
Everyone, as they were leaving, not only left donations, but compliments in praise of the concert:  "I loved it!"  was one I heard most, from people of all ages and backgrounds.  Almost everyone wanted more information about OPC and its programs.  An orchestra member raved about how much she valued the learning experience she had, being introduced to music by these little-heard composers, and having the opportunity to perform their works.  People seemed to want to hang around and talk with one another and the performing artists - perhaps next time we can have a modest reception afterwards to encourage connections among us all.
Thank you for this evening, and the personal effort and dedication you invested on behalf of OPC and us all.
P.S. Sandra, please pass on to your fine orchestra how well received they were.  I think they could tell from the audience response.  
And thank them for their time and talent in creating music we all loved hearing.  Tell them we hope to hear the OPC Symphony Orchestra again soon!!
Patricia Durham
OPCMusic Community Advocate/Volunteer

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music - 2323 Broadway - Oakland, CA 94612 - (510) 836-4649 
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