“Preservation Through Music Education”

Why Give?

The motivation behind every decision to donate is different for every person. Consider this. The National Association for Music states that an estimated 25 million students participate in school music programs, but that number is beginning to shrink as programs across the country are being slashed or eliminated all together. OPC addresses the diminishing lack of music in schools by providing access to music education through school partnerships and offering after-school programs. 

Since 2005, OPC has served an estimated 5000 youth through direct in-school, after-school and summer programs. That's an average of 500 students per year. OPC is dedicated to establishing partnerships and collaborations with schools and community institutions in order to provide music education for under-resourced populations. 

We know that music study is life transforming.  Skills learned in the study of music last a lifetime - discipline, teamwork, and creativity.  Studies show that students that study music do better in school, are more likely to stay in school and graduate, more likely to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and tend to experience greater sense of belonging and connection with peers.  We have found this to be true at OPC. Ninety percent of our students graduate from high school and go to college.  They report that the friends they've made at OPC will be friends forever.  We feel pretty good about this and want to ensure that OPC is around, as Carolina Gonzalez, an OPC alum has stated, "I want my grandkids to study music at OPC."  
To donate by mail, please send check or money order to:
Music Is Extraordinary, Inc.
2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612 

One time donation

Monthly Donation Levels

$5,000-$10, 000-Supports visiting artists, master classes, clinics and residencies. 
-Supports one year of private lessons.
$1, 000-
Supports instrument repair and maintenance & piano tuning.
 Supports instrumental rental for student

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music - 2323 Broadway - Oakland, CA 94612 - (510) 836-4649 
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