"Preservation Through Music Education"


Community Music Education Program

This program provides private and group instruction for all ages in the form of private lessons on an instrument or voice and multicultural workshops. Community members interested in offering a course are encouraged to contact OPCMusic to learn how to become a workshop leader.

Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program is available to students ages 7-17. This program offers conservatory quality training complete with private lessons, master classes, keyboard and theory classes, ensembles and performance opportunities. Benefits of the program include access to instruments, private lessons, academic support, and college preparation support. Participants in the Preparatory Program are required to complete 30 hours of community service yearly.

Teen Music Mentors                                                                                            

The Teen Music Mentors program is for high school students. Participants in this program support students in the Preparatory Program as music, academic and social mentors, in turn receiving music instruction on their instrument or voice. They are required to perform in OPCMusic ensembles and participate in community service projects. Development of leadership skills and civic participation are integral components of the Teen Music Mentors Program.


In an effort to make our services available to the whole Oakland community Oakland residents are automatically eligible for need based scholarships and reduced fees for OPCMusic offerings.

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