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Begins Fall 2015

OPC Preparatory Studies in Music Program for Aspiring Young Musicians for youth 7-17 who are passionate about music and who will devote the time and effort required to excel in music performance, production, composition, journalism, and management. This program offers group & private lessons, special workshops and master classes, and performance opportunities. Benefits of membership include access to instruments, opportunities to meet and make friends among a diverse group of students from a variety of East Bay communities, opportunities to perform in a variety of venues, activities throughout the Bay Area, and college preparation advising. 
Beginning Performance Ensembles, Frederick Douglass Youth Ensemble (advanced level)
Composition, Musicianship, Theory & Harmony, History, Strings, Piano, Percussion, Marimbas, Guitar, Bass, Banjo and a variety of electives

Prep Program Curriculum

The curriculum offers four levels of study from beginner to pre-professional. The curriculum combines  local/indigenous cultural perspectives and the National Standards for Music Education as articulated by the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). All students receive group instruction and semi-private instruction on saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, percussion, piano. Students participate in ensembles and are required to take musicianship, theory & harmony, and history.  
Level 1a-Beginner, 0-6 months; 
Level 1b - Advanced Beginner, 7 -12 months of instruction
Level 2/2+ - 2 plus years of instruction
Explorations in Music-1a
A 7-week course that allows beginning students to explore an instrument of her/his choice. At the end of each cycle, students may continue on the instrument or choose a different one the next cycle

 Beginning Performance Ensemble-1b 
A 14-week course that focuses on musicianship, ensemble & solo performance 
and beginning improvisation.

Frederick Douglass Youth Ensemble
Level 1b: Introduction to small ensemble performance practice, improvisation, rhythmic groove, Blues.
Level 2+: Pre-professional preparation, advanced improvisation, theory & harmony, arranging and composition, business of music. AUDITION REQUIRED
Fundamentals of Music 
Introduction to the elements of music, basic musicianship and piano. Students will be encouraged to participate in class exercises including: rhythmic and melodic performance, ear-training and dictation. Required of all students.

Piano Class
Introduction to the keyboard, beginning reading skills, rhythm, ear-training, solo/ensemble/accompanying performance.

Guitar Class
Introduction to the guitar designed to give students an understanding of basic guitar skills and technique, playing melodies and chords, accompaniment & strumming styles.

Marimba Ensemble 
A course that draws from the Zimbabwean style of marimba music. 
Also incorporates other styles of folkloric and popular music. 

Drumming and Percussion Ensemble
Introduction to pitched and unpitched percussion instruments including: conga drums, West African drums, Irish bodhran, drumset, orchestral percussion, xylophones, etc. 

Attendance Requirement
Attendance is required. The OPC Prep Program is not a drop-in program. More than 2 absences in 7-week mini-session may result in dismissal. More than 3 absences in full semester (14 weeks) may result in dismissal.

Cost of Attendance
One-time Registration fee per semester: $25 (non-refundable
Tuition: $150 per section (1 section is 7 wks).   $300 full semester (14 wks)

Scholarships available. Payment plans accepted. Sibling discount available.
Limited number of work-study Reciprocity Plans available for reduced rate. 

Check back for full schedule.

For more information email


Oakland Public Conservatory of Music - 2323 Broadway - Oakland, CA 94612 - (510) 836-4649 
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