"Preservation Through Music Education"
The Oakland Public Conservatory of Music is a project of Music Is eXtraordinary, Inc, (MIX) a California 501c3. MIX provides quality, conservatory quality music education for people in urban areas.  Music Is eXtraordinary(MIX) was founded in 2001 by Musician/Educator, Angela M. Wellman, MM, to support the needs of schools that wanted more music education for their students.  Ms. Wellman partnered with schools to develop music programs that supported the development of quality music programs reflecting each school's cultural richness.  In the summer of 2003 MIX offered its first summer music camp where 40 Oakland youth participated in an array of multicultural arts activities. In the summer of 2004 MIX became a 501c3 non-profit organization and opened its first music center, the Oakland Public  Conservatory of Music (OPC) in the fall of 2005. The OPC is part of a  broader agenda which seeks to build a national network of Public Conservatories of Music with a unified teaching philosophy; serving as a model for engendering equity, belonging, and empathy through the music.


Oakland's diverse communities will make and hear music everywhere. 
Everyone experiences healing, harmony, non-violence and safe streets through learning and playing music together. 
Our music and educational process resonate with the aspirations of our communities and our native artists by reclaiming spirit and culture, illuminating ancestral authenticity.    


OPC opens the world of music to all through access to quality, economical instruction in a nurturing environment. We value rigor and scholarship in our quest to preserve the musical traditions of Oakland. 

OPC is a project of Music Is eXtraordinary (MIX), a California 501(c)(3).

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Oakland Public Conservatory of Music

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music - 2323 Broadway - Oakland, CA 94612 - (510) 836-4649 
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