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March 9, 2015


Music - Art - Permaculture

SFJAZZ Education and the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music (OPC) have identified several goals related to issues of ethnic and gender equity and access to jazz education. This partnership between both SFJAZZ and OPC will serve to strengthen and sustain educational opportunities for middle and high school musicians of color in the Oakland community, and provide essential training for these students to ultimately cultivate proficiency and excellence in jazz.  Go here for program description, dates, time, and registration.

Join us in supporting this DRUM MOBILE CAMPAIGN to bring Sustainable Transformations though Drumming & Permaculture to low income families! 
These are some of our students of 2014 OPC summer music academy in the earth visiting Merritt College in our rhythms of the earth permaculture in music curriculum.  Together we grew seeds and planted pollinator plants in the Lake Merritt Gardens, learned the 12 permaculture principles and played music in nature.
OPC students are among some of the Bay Area young adults who will develop into future leaders.  So we have been proudly grooming our students to become conscious leaders with immersion in nature to bolster relationships that will ensure social and food justice through the lens of rhythmic arts.






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